Welcome to the Coordination Office for Energy Efficiency Counselling of Mosaik Leipzig e.V.


The Coordination Office (KEB)

The KEB is funded by the City of Leipzig and functions as a coordination office for energy efficiency counselling for low-income households in Leipzig, particularly those housing refugees. We can arrange access to the energy counselling programmes of the Verbraucherzentrale Leipzig (consumer advice centre) and the “Stromspar-Check” (electricity conservation check-up) of the Caritas Association Leipzig. The aim is to coach you to conserve energy, warm water and heating – helping you save real money with only small adjustments.


  1. Access to energy conservation counselling of the Verbraucherzentrale Sachsen, registered association (VZS) [1]

VZS offers counselling on proper heating, warm water use and ventilation as well as verifying your heat billing and many other topics, including:

  • energy conservation counselling in your home
  • energy conservation counselling in the offices of the VZS in Leipzig
  1. Access to energy conservation programmes of the Caritas Leipzig, registered association  [2]

 „Stromspar-Check Aktiv“ im eigenen Zuhause

  • measuring your actual electricity and water consumption
  • extensive counselling on ways to significantly reduce your energy and water consumption
  • supply of modern conservation devices free of charge (e.g. LEDs, electronic switch panels, flow restrictors for water taps and shower heads)
  • exchanging refrigerators or freezers – 100€ scrapping bonus for the purchase of an A+++ refrigerator, provided the old appliance meets the eligibility criteria 


  1. Information meetings on everything concerning “electricity” with counsellors of Stadtwerke Leipzig (municipal energy supplier)

Stadtwerke Leipzig is the default supplier of electricity in the Leipzig area and will gladly provide information on supply contracts, meter readings, instalment payment and many other topics. You can find dates and times for the next scheduled information meetings on the website at “News”/“Aktuelles”.

Should you require interpreting for counselling services, we can arrange a specially trained interpreter for you (Arabic and Kurdish).



Energy counselling is open to all interested persons. Access to counselling and the counselling itself are only then free of charge, if you have a provably low income. This also includes households or persons who:

  • receive basic social security for job seekers (Hartz IV), basic old age security or reduced earning capacity benefits or comparable amounts of support or income
  • receive benefits according to the Asylum-Seekers’ Benefits Act and live in communal accommodations or decentralized housing
  • who slightly exceed the eligibility income but do receive housing benefits or educational benefits
  • do not make use of their social security eligibility or do not receive social security for other reasons 


Our Goal:

We want to help low-income households access energy counselling free of charge in order to facilitate efficient energy consumption and low energy costs. Furthermore, we want to teach refugees in communal accommodations about the need for, methods and importance of energy conservation and motivate them to practice it.


Office Hours:

Tuesdays 2 pm – 4 pm

Thursdays 10 am- 12 am




Coordination Office for Energy Efficiency Counselling– KEB Leipzig

Mosaik Leipzig – Competency Centre for Cross-Cultural Dialogue, registered non-profit association

Peterssteinweg 3

04107 Leipzig



Telephone: 0341-22305780

Mobile: 0176-61440737

[1] www.verbraucherzentrale-energieberatung.de

[2] www.caritas-leipzig.de