Training Course Modules at the Psychological-Social Centre for Refugees Leipzig (PSZ Leipzig):


  1. flight and trauma– aspects of flight and migration in detail, definition of trauma and diagnostics, dealing with traumatized refugees
  2. asylum / residency law and social welfare regulations
  3. possibilities to access the labour market for immigrants and refugees
  4. dealing with diversity, prejudice and racism– diversity training courses, cross-cultural competencies
  5. interpreting in psychological-social contexts– psychotherapy/counselling with interpreters/ language mediators
  6. group therapy/ discussions with refugees
  7. specifics of cross-cultural therapy and counselling
  8. individual case consultations


All modules include both theoretical instruction and practical exercises, which may be combined according to individual needs. We will be happy to adjust our training courses to the needs of the participants.

Please contact us with inquiries for specific training courses at: