Our association’s main goal is to support and promote the recognition and appreciation of diversity and to actively foster equal opportunity. We aim to pool expert knowledge and direct it towards new projects. We want to improve the coexistence of diverse groups in society and help to best access existing potential.

Our association plans to achieve these goals through measures, programmes and projects that offer persons in the midst of personal problems or difficult life-course situations the necessary guidance, support and information to help them. We further aim to develop concepts and implement measures to strengthen cross-cultural competencies and forms of communication between persons living in Saxony.

Mission Statement

The efforts of our association are founded on the values of human rights as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. Following the Diversity Charter, we believe that practicing and appreciating diversity will have a positive impact on German society. We recognize people in their diversity – be it their language or their behaviour, the way they present themselves or communicate, the way they live or work. We understand human diversity as an opportunity and want to rise to the challenge to professionally handle differences and experiences of alienation.

We employ the concept of diversity as part of our cross-cultural welfare and health care approach to systematically discern all individual characteristics. These individual characteristics comprise age, gender, faith, sexual orientation, disability, skills and socio-cultural background (milieu, education, city/locality, immigration, language, income, migration background, social position, race/skin colour). Immigration thus ranks as only one characteristic among many. The term “cross-cultural” illustrates that clear-cut national cultural spheres hardly exist anymore. We rather focus on the specific living situation (milieu, context).

We assembled a diverse and multi-disciplinary team of experts who work both creatively and effectively while observing the professional standards. We are also actively involved in relevant networks, committees and working groups. Our counselling services are modelled on the concept of systemic counselling, because we believe it to be prudent to include all involved and possibly helpful persons of a (family) system in the counselling process. We employ the creative and efficient methods of the systemic concept and treat our clients with respect and appreciation.

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